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Owen Transport Services LLC Hauling Is Our Business

Owen Transport Services is located in Russellville Kentucky. We are a family owned transportation freight hauling company that serves Kentucky, Tennesse, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Missouri and Ohio. We strive to provide an exceptional high level of service to all of our valuable clients. We haul agricultural products, milk and raw dairy products, eggs and produce from farms to the processors, as well as from processor to processor. Our TL-LTL dry freight division includes Freight Vans and Reefers, that cover a wide variety of dry freight needs, for manufacturers and industry. We also offer dedicated routes, for any type of freight, to any point in the USA. Our skilled employees abide by the highest values of respect, honesty and dependability. We provide consistant "on-time" and "time critical" transportation services that both our customers and we demand. Our professional transportation team look forward to helping you with all of your hauling needs. 

Liquid Hauling Tanker

Contact us for all your Liquid Tanker Hauling needs. We have Food Grade Sanitary Tankers for hauling Milk and other Dairy - Emergence Water - Vegetable Oils - Fertilizer and other Liquid solutions.  



Refrigerated Trailers

We have Refrigerated Trailers for temperature controlled hauling of Eggs, Produce, Food Products or any other temperature sensitive goods.  


TL - LTL Freight Hauling

Contact us for your TL and LTL freight needs. We have Roll Off Trucks, Freight Vans and Flat Bed trailers, to service a wide variety of your Hauling needs. We service Manufacturing, Industry, Suppliers and Recycle Processors.   


* Milk Hauling                                               * Eggs and Produce

* Dairy Products Hauling                               * Farm Equipment Hauling

* Fertilizer Hauling                                        * FEMA Hauling

* Agriculture Products Hauling                       * Farm Crops Hauling

* Equipment Hauling                                     * Recycle Hauling

* Dedicated Freight Solutions                        * Dry Freight Hauling

* Water for Emergency Responce                  * Water for Industry Use

* LTL and TL Freight                                    * Liquid hauling 

Hauling has been in our DNA for generations and we have a long history in the industry. Read more about the services we offer. We also offer dedicated services and can develop a custom solution to match your specific needs. Please visit our valued customer page, and support their products. Contact us to find out why we should be YOUR choice in hauling! 

Owen Transport Services LLC

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